What we can do for your organizations

Specialized in research from primary and secondary data and analytic, KIC provides in-depth insight to understand market, customers, and business landscape to help client to a better decision making.

Market Research

Katadata Insight Center offers various market research to give insight to your business, including the in-depth and comprehensive analysis, complemented with easy to understand visual charts results.
Data Collection
Data Collection
Data Collection
Market Size & Feasibility Study
Data Collection
Attitude, Awareness and Usage Study (AAU)
Data Collection
Price Research
Data Collection
Customized Research
Data Collection
Mystery Shopper
  • Face to Face Interview (F2F)
  • Central Location Test (CLT)
  • Computer Assisted Telephone Interview (CATI)
  • Computer Assisted Personal Interview (CAPI)
  • Home Test (Product Test)
  • Online Survey/CAWI (Computer Assisted Web Interviewing)
  • Focus Group Discussion (FGD)
  • In-Depth Interview (IDI)
The study is used to measure the market and assess the selling power and competitiveness of the product to obtain data on the company’s sales target and management so that it can measure the strategy that has been implemented.
Used to measure the level of knowledge, perceptions, and trends of your product in the eyes of consumers. In addition, this study also explains changes in consumer attitudes.
Price research is usually done to find out the price range that your customers are willing to pay. This research helps find the optimal price point with the right segmentation.
Research made in accordance with the data needs that your company wants.
Used to measure and evaluate the quality of services such as banking, retail and others. The assessment is carried out in secret (incognito) which acts as a consumer.

Industry Analysis

Katadata Insight Center offers industry analysis from various reputable data sources to give an updated industry landscape and perspective.
  • Industry Trends
  • Market Projection
  • Policy Review
  • Risk Analysis
  • Stakeholder Mapping and Analysis