Katadata Insight Center (KIC) is a business unit of Katadata, specialized in research and data analytic, providing in-depth insight to assist you in understanding your own business for a better decision making. Whether you are a small-medium business or a global-level enterprise, the research is exclusively designed to fit your specific needs.


Katadata Market Sentiment Index

Katadata Insight Center (KIC) publish Katadata Market Sentiment Index to help you in predicting the market’s condition, in monthly basis.

What we do

From Special Report to Premium Subscription Service, we deliver a fully customized insight to meet your needs of reliable data and information.

We are the go to expert in identifying the trends and update of industries. Our dedicated resources work tirelessly with the intention of synthetizing our unique perspective research report to resembles your needs.
Katadata Market Sentiment Index
KIC publish Katadata Market Sentiment Index to help you in predicting the market’s condition, in monthly basis. We simplify the process in identifying the market probabilistic in Indonesia Stock Market (IDX) Composite. Our team has developed a logistic model to weighs the entire stock market and track market’s changes, whether the projection will be bearish, or even bullish?
Katadata Investor Confidence Index
KIC publish a comprehensive report in predicting the trends of macroeconomics, political impact, and overview of the prediction in capital market. We conducted a survey to more than 300 financial institutions, as the report will be your trusted reference.
Katadata Investor Confidence Index will be available in 2019. To keep you updated, follow our social media accounts:
Doing business in an emerging country may require your special attention in understanding the effect on the current economy condition to your business. Whether you are a new player in a new industry or in the midst of planning your business expansion, you need to identify the industry benchmark that could help you in discovering the precise entry to the market. From identifying the right market opportunities to your business, managing your risk from the regulatory and/or economic impact, or analyzing on what’s your competitors are doing.
Instead of just having to guess, we are here to assist you in understanding the current economic condition, improved with our insight on how political trends may affect regulations changes that could measure your business revenue, profits, or perhaps your next opportunity. We provide you our in-depth analysis report with special emphasis as your total solution in minimizing disruption to your business.

In this fast-changing world, we understand the importance to keep you updated on the current issue, in order to maintain your competitive edge. Our specialization in embracing information, particularly in business, economic, market energy and politic, available at your finger-tip.

Our premium subscription will be available in 2019

Our Panel Expert

Damhuri Nasution
Damhuri Nasution recognized for modeling, forecasting and developing an early warning system for the Indonesian and global economy. Mr. Nasution is the Head of Economic Research and Senior Econometrician at PT Danareksa Research Institute. Prior to that, he served as a Research Analyst at PT Pemeringkat Efek Indonesia. In his earlier carrier, Mr. Nasution spent 7 years as a Researcher and Lecturer at the Institute for Economic and Social Research (LPEM) Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia. He conducted a number of research projects both macro and micro economic at the institute. Mr. Nasution received a Bachelor of Statistics from the Bogor Institute of Agriculture. He attended internship program in the Department of Economics, Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island, USA.
Wahyu Prasetyawan
Has extensive experiences in leading his survey projects, among others: Survey for governance in local government in Papua and Java, Survey Local Secretary in Java, Micro and Small industry in Java, as well as various surveys on politics for public. Since 2006, Mr. Prasetyawan serves as a lecturer professor on Introduction to Political Economy at Islamic State University Syarif Hidayatullah, Jakarta. In addition to that, he is assigned as Visiting Assoc. Professor at the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS), Tokyo, Japan for Spring term. Mr. Prasetyawan graduated from State Islamic University “Syarif Hidayatullah” Jakarta, concerning on Psychology of Religion. He earned his Master Degree in Development Studies from Leeds University, UK. Moreover, Mr. Prasetyawan holds PhD in Indonesian Political Economy at the Graduate School of Asian and African Area Studies, Kyoto University, Japan.
Gundy Cahyadi
Mr. Cahyadi spent 13 years as an economist based out of Singapore before returning to Indonesia in early-2018. Primarily an expert in southeast-asian economies, his analysis is highly sought after by financial institutions and corporate clients in their asset allocation decisions. He also contributes his views to various government institutions in the region. Gundy graduated with an M.A in international policy studies from Stanford University (2006), following his B.A in economics and political science from the University of Michigan (2004).

Our Clients

We nurture our clients from different sectors across public sector, private sector, and governmental offices with our comprehensive research report to tailor their needs. Our notable experiences, among the others:

Assisted an e-commerce company from Singapore in connection to the creation of a research report on Indonesia e-Commerce Mapping 2018. Our team conducted an independent research to see e-commerce user behavior and the most wanted product, as well as to see the users’ preference on payment. View report »
Assisted an environmental NGO in connection to the creation of a research report on Warisan Kemiskinan Proyek Bank Dunia di Kedung Ombo. Our team conducted a research to review the implementation of the World Bank-funded development projects are complying with good governance or vice versa. View report »